OOTW Provided Services

Services Provided by this BBS.


                                                        OOTW is currenting running WorldGroup v1.01 and supports a WorldGroup
                                                        communications program as well as the latest Ripterm.
                                                        20 System User License: All Telnet channels are 33.6 baud.


                                                        INTERNET SERVICE:

                                                        Internet E-mail
                                                        IRC - over 3000 chat channels!
                                                        Telnet - visit other BBS's from around the world
                                                        FTP - Internet file library
                                                        Domain lookup and Finger services.

                                       ULTRA GLOBALS:

                                                        Create logon, online, and logoff messages. System
                                                        display these messages you create when you log-on/off.
                                                        Send Global messages, personal Ultragrams, nick-names,
                                                        and much much more!



                                                        Allows users to converse with one another.
                                                        MAIN Channel - CHIT CHAT all members.
                                                        Game Channel - Play games from Teleconference
                                                        Adult Channel - ADULTS ONLY - Adult conversations.
                                                        Ansi Channel - Tele-Graphics Chat with visual actions.
                                                        Chat Channel - Another area for members to chat.
                                                        Create your own PERSONAL ENTER/EXIT message

                                                        Start your own PRIVATE CHANNEL!


                                                        INFORMATION CENTER:

                                                        General information about Membership, Provided Services, Statistics, Rules and Regulations



                                                         Chat with members belonging to other systems from all across the Untied States


                                                        Current events happening here at OOTW!


                                                        This service provides the user with 20 Forums:

                                                        ADULT - Adult situations
                                                        ASKME - Ask Aunt Mitilda
                                                        BASH - Trash thy neighbor - [ADULT]
                                                        BBS - Info on other Bulletin Board systems
                                                        CPU - Computer Doctor
                                                        ENTERTAIN - Actors, movies, videos, theater   
                                                        EVENT - What is currently happening here at OOTW
                                                        FEMALE - Females speak out!
                                                        JOKE - Jokes submitted by members
                                                        MUSIC - Bands, concerts, CD's, videos
                                                        PERSONAL - Personal ads
                                                        POEM - Poetry submitted by our members
                                                        POLITICS - People in Government, elections, laws
                                                        RECIPE - Great cooking recipes for you to try at home
                                                        SPORTS - Sports talk!
                                                        TWAR - Tradewars 2002
                                                        WALL - Great wall of graffiti
                                                        WANTED ADDS - Wanted, for sale, services for render
                                                        WORLDGROUP - Worldgroup information
                                                        WEBSITES - Interesting websites submitted by our members


                                                        Electronic mail allows you to send private
                                                        messages and/or files to other users on the
                                                        board or anywhere in the world via Internet.


                                                        16 libraries for all users to download from or upload to.

                                                        ADULT - A library containing adult images.
                                                        ADULTL - Adult library for the Ladies.
                                                        ANSI - Collection of ansi graphics.
                                                        CLIPART - A selection of clipart for various applications.
                                                        GAMES - A selection of Shareware games.
                                                        GRAPHICS - A library containing ans, pcx, bmp  and gif graphic files.
                                                        INTERNET - Internet software and docs.
                                                        MUD - Mud utilities/scripts/maps
                                                        OOTWGIF - Gif files of members and friends of OOTW
                                                        UPLOAD - A library where members can upload files and contribute to the BBS.
                                                        UTILITIES - A selection of DOS utilities.
                                                        WAVE - A collection of .WAV files for DOS,
                                                        Windows, and OS/2.
                                                        WEB-PAGE - Web page utilites and files.
                                                        WIN95 - Windows 95 accessories.
                                                        WINDOWS - A library containing hundreds of icons, wallpaper, utilities and screen savers.
                                                        WINGAMES - A selection of Windows Shareware games.


                                                        Display or edit your account information  as required.


                                                        Users get to vote and give their opinions on different issues and current events.


                                          REGISTRY OF USERS:

                                                        Provides a list of members, their likes, and a summary
                                                        about themselves.


                                                        See Online Games menu for current list of games offered by the BBS. 



                                                        Questions, comments, or suggestions should be directed to SYSOP,
                                                        DELL17, MADDIE, SPARKY or RaiSTLiN.

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